Curious about Read Me, Los Angeles? My debut book created in conjunction with Prospect Park (all credit for the beauty of the book and the quality of the work goes to them!) is available on March 10, 2020.

Read Me, Los Angeles was called “terrific” by my mother, and Alta Journal said it was “chatty” with “surprising depth.”

If you’d like to buy a guide to all things literary in Los Angeles from authors past and present, bookstores, libraries, literary events, to lots and lots of books that take place in and around the City of Angels, I would love that!

You can do so here:

My neighborhood bookstore, Skylight.

An indie near you. You can put your zip code in to find the store nearest you, or support an indie of your choice! The Last Bookstore, Vroman’s, {pages}, and so many more around LA, as well as my hometown indie, Sundance Books, are all great options.

The venerable Powell’s.

My publisher, Prospect Park.

Barnes & Noble has it too!

And finally, Amazon.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!